AIM buys online Amazon third-party FBA brands and successful B2B niche companies.

About AIM Group

At AIM we are specialists in the acquisition of Amazon business and family businesses. We acquire and cultivate high quality, category-leading products that people love. We build on what you have built from the ground up and are committed to long-term continuity. Your business remains in good hands. Our team of experts ensures a fair, transparent and smooth acquisition.

What to expect from us


An acquisition is complicated. We will ensure clarity and transparency and will give you an accurate estimate on how much your business is worth.

Fast to close

AIM is specialised in purchasing businesses like yours. This allows us to get to your goal as efficiently as possible. If you want us to go fast, we can.

Smooth transition

An acquisition is complicated. We have all the expertise and experience in-house to successfully complete the acquisition.

We build on your story

In order to remain successful in the long term, we believe it is key to continue to build on your story.


Looking to sell? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to sit down and have a chat.

Our common values

Trust & respect

Mutual trust and respect are the building blocks for any solid long-term relationship.


Our no-nonsense approach is the basis for the transparent relation with our stakeholders.

Drive to excellence

We aim to get the business right from day one and will adjust the strategy if required.

Happiness on the job

Human capital is our main asset. We reward skill and talent, and ensure a balanced work-life balance.

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